2015_08_OFD_Headshots_007It all started when I was five. I was attending private school (but not for long after that!) and I always looked forward to nap time. But it wasn’t like every other kindergartner – I wasn’t in it for the napping, I was in it because it gave me the chance to pull up my mat next to my two best friends – Josh and George. Let me explain – there was a broken-down shack outside of our classroom window and my two BFFs would listen as I told stories about who lived there and what happened there (until getting in trouble, of course, but that won’t be the last time I get disciplined for talking!). During playtime, we’d play house – I’d craft stories with the props we had on hand and see where it took us.

You see, storytelling has always been in my blood – even when I didn’t even realize it was my passion. Some people “tell it like it is,” but I’ve always had a knack for elaborating. I believe that every story has a unique point to be told and I love being the one to put it into words.

I have an inclination for cats and a penchant for gardening. I find that overcast days are meant for overread books (I’m looking at you, Harry Potter series) and and hot mugs of tea.


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